If Someone At Work Wrongs You Say This

Nobody sets out with the intention of being the “bad guy.”

In fact, even the world’s most violent criminals — who committed senseless crimes –consider themselves a tragically misunderstood hero who was left without a choice.

Just like the people who may have hurt you in your professional career may feel justified in their poor behavior. Maybe they cut you out of a business deal, stole credit for one of your ideas, or may have even lied to get what they wanted.

That’s why we all want and need to get better at understanding whether we are being persuaded or played in business and in life.

Click below to listen to former FBI special agent Chip Massey deliver this one sentence technique you can use to find out how they justify their behavior and what you can learn from it.

Make 2020 the year you read people better with the help of a crisis communications expert Adele Cehrs and former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey.

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