The 4 most important questions of 2020 for businesses

Have you ever seen the movie The Godfather?  If so, you’ll instantly recognize the classic line:

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

It’s the perfect example of a thinly veiled threat.

And while this type of threat isn’t something most people ever experience (unless you’re a member of a whole OTHER kind of organized business)…

there are two very real threats that people are facing right this moment.

According to psychologist and neuroscience expert Kurt Grey, people are feeling threatened by “Direct Threats” (i.e. health COVID-19, safety, etc.) and “Symbolic Threats” (i.e. threats to their belief systems or ideals such as #blacklivesmatter).

So, which do you think is most terrifying to people? And more importantly, why should you care?

Because failing to address these threats – the same ones your customers face – can lead to guessing games in your business that are very dangerous to play in 2020.

But by understanding how your customers behave better than your competitors do, you’ll be in a much better position to adapt, pivot and profit.

That’s why it’s never been so important to know the latest and cutting-edge in behavioral psychology – and how it applies to your business in real-time.

For that reason we’ve consulted Psychologist and Neuroscience expert Kurt Gray an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 

Kurt is a behavioral science  expert – and you won’t want to miss his insights on how consumer buying behaviors are changing right this moment.

Luckily for you, we hopped on a zoom call to hear his take on what businesses need to know in 2020…combined it with our own insights as crisis management…and put it together into an email series available exclusively to When + How subscribers.

In our brand new email series, you’re going to discover:

The little-known reason why customers fall in love with your messaging (plus a one-word messaging trick that can quickly align customers to your brand)

A “pop music DJ secret” that can make your new product or service announcement a hit instead of a bust

How failing to address “Symbolic Stress” can make your marketing fall flat – before they even hear a word

Why novelty can be your best friend or worst enemy (read this to make sure your marketing doesn’t backfire)

Why your organization needs to be as ‘human’ as possible (plus a few strategies on how to increase your brand’s “likeability factor”)

So stay on the lookout for the next email in the series.

We’ll go over why helping your customers feel safe – and most importantly, in control – is crucial for helping them stick with your brand (instead of jumping ship to a competitor).

In the meantime, check out our website for some valuable crisis resources.

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