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Don’t Let Your Business Be Held Hostage by Fear

As an FBI hostage negotiator and special agent, one of the things that always amazed me was how easily fear can blind people. One such example made an indelible impression that has stayed with me throughout my career.

How to know what someone is thinking about you (especially under stress)

Have you ever had a conversation with a new acquaintance, business associate or client that’s gotten off on the wrong foot? Or worse, gone totally off the rails and smashed right into the side of a building? If so, then you probably recognize how important it is to ensure that first conversation you have with […]

How to rekindle confidence in your leadership after a crisis (not what you think)

The problem is with how our brains are wired. For all of its marvels, the mind does a terrible job of discerning between actual and assumed dangers. It assigns the same emotional response to social distress as it does to survival situations. The more intense the social distress, the more likely our brain identifies it as a physical threat.And we can take this same negative emotional response and turn it into a powerful positive.

Special Message for Meeting Planners and Conference Organizers

If you’re a meeting planner, conference organizer or you work in the events industry, then this is an important message for you. That’s because right now, the Coronavirus frenzy is pretty much in full swing. And you probably know this all too well. We know there are few industries that are feeling this as hard […]

The #1 skill to have in times of panic

You’re on the phone with a volatile gunman who’s got their weapon pressed to the head of a terrified hostage.

The air’s heavy. The tension is high. Everyone’s listening. And one wrong remark could lead to the worst possible scenario.

In situations like this you don’t have the luxury of fumbling, stuttering, or dropping the conversational ball.

When every word is life or death, you quickly learn there are no “throw away” words or “casual” statements. Everything you do and say has implications.

Now, I get that this may be an extreme scenario (and I apologize if it caused a rise in your blood pressure like it did to me).

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