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If Someone At Work Wrongs You Say This

Nobody sets out with the intention of being the “bad guy.” In fact, even the world’s most violent criminals — who committed senseless crimes –consider themselves a tragically misunderstood hero who was left without a choice. Just like the people who may have hurt you in your professional career may feel justified in their poor […]

Need to Repair Broken Trust? Here’s How

By When and How Agency Partner Chip Massey The most important element in any business relationship is trust. Even if you know that a certain vendor or service provider is cheaper, you’ll probably stay away from them if you don’t trust them. By the same token, you’ll probably be willing to pay a bit more […]

How a Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Creates Instant Rapport and How You Can Too (Part 2)

When trying to create a comfortable conversation flow, it can be devastatingly difficult to get out of the starting blocks. Even our best efforts can seem to produce only those awkward, choppy, long uncomfortable silences. Moreover, we know the clock is running in the prospect’s head. She is making assumptions, and worse, decisions, based on your ability to connect. Here is the rule for you to always keep in mind: open ended questions will elicit more information and enhance your rapport building instantly.

How a Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Creates Instant Rapport and How You Can Too

By When and How Partner Chip Massey We have all been there. You know you have the product your potential prospect needs. You are prepared to provide a service which you know will actually help them. Yet for some reason you are unable to make that critical connection to them. They may smile politely, nod […]

How to Spot a Liar with Tips from a Former FBI Hostage Negotiator

If you have ever wondered how to spot a liar, former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey has some insights in this video post.

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