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6 Behavior-based business strategies to grow your bottom line

By Crisis Expert Adele Cehrs, Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chip Massey and Behavioral Scientist Kurt Gray. Download the report to find out what’s really going on in the mind of your customers.

Have bad news to announce? Read this

“Mommy, what’s my birthday party going to be like this year?” She asked me that with the most innocent expression you’d ever seen. And I immediately broke out in a cold sweat upon hearing it. If you’re a parent, you can probably imagine – this was no easy question to answer.  My daughter turned 8 […]

Little-known powerful ‘buying triggers’ uncovered from my weird social media experiment

I ran an interesting experiment on social media recently. And the results have huge implications for most businesses.  That’s because this little social media experiment addresses a deep, unspoken need your customers have as a result of the pandemic (one they didn’t have before any of this happened). I’ll spill the beans in a second, […]

Use this one-word trick to multiply your marketing during 2020

Congratulations! You made it through the first half of 2020. However, you can’t say it hasn’t been stressful.  Turns out there is a staggering amount of research on what happens to your body when you’re stressed. And as you might expect, the effects aren’t always pretty. For example, did you know that long-term stress can […]

What your customers need (that your competition isn’t giving them)

Picture yourself sitting down having a chat with your colleagues (perhaps in an office or meeting room you’re used to seeing). You’re having a routine conversation – nothing out of the ordinary. When all of a sudden a giant 300-lb masked intruder busts through the door….stomps over to the table where you’re seated…and violently flips […]

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