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The 4 most important questions of 2020 for businesses

Have you ever seen the movie The Godfather?  If so, you’ll instantly recognize the classic line: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” It’s the perfect example of a thinly veiled threat. And while this type of threat isn’t something most people ever experience (unless you’re a member of a whole OTHER […]

Is your messaging harming you right this second? Read this post to find out

Throughout our last few emails we’ve talked about the best ways to make a change in your organization. Because make no mistake…during a huge business disruption like COVID-19…most businesses are in Trial and Error Mode, which is costly and fraught with problems.…the fact is that change is coming for us one way or another.  Either […]

Ask yourself these three questions in the next 90 days

In our last post we talked about the value in establishing new rituals in your organization. Whether we notice it or not, our organization (and our lives in general) are dictated by the rituals we use on a daily basis. But by examining these rituals and making strategic shifts to align them with our new […]

Need to make BIG changes fast? Take the “Ritual Route”

In our last post we talked about how inertia at an institutional level may be the biggest barrier that keeps you stuck. After all, you can’t make the crucial decisions needed when no one else is on board. As a result, the small window of opportunity that every crisis gives you slams shut because everyone’s […]

The ‘invisible enemy’ that organizations can’t afford to ignore

What’s the biggest danger to organizations in the midst of the current pandemic? Some say it’s the loss of consumer confidence as the coronavirus forces us to rethink what purchases are actually needed…and which are optional. Some say it’s the inability to effectively communicate with customers in a way that keeps their trust in your […]

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