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How to Convince People in a Crisis

**Calling all organization leaders, managers and decision-makers** Has the current situation put your company in ‘crisis mode’? Have you found yourself suddenly forced to make tough decisions on how to navigate the next few months? Do you want to avoid making bad decisions (or stop the people around you from making them) during this crucial […]

How to Read People Like an FBI Hostage Negotiator

Thank you for your interest in our latest webinar: How to Read People Like an FBI Hostage Negotiator.  WARNING: The above illustration is false advertising!  Former FBI agent and hostage negotiator Chip Massey tells me that FBI vest is strictly Hollywood. Agents rarely, if ever, wear that monogrammed stuff. (Who knew? Not me, and certainly […]

The Number One Thing Companies Get Wrong in a Crisis

The number one thing that get companies in trouble is a cover up. In a crisis, even the smallest detail can blow up and bite you, if it is not properly handled. It seems so obvious, yet corporations continue to get this wrong.

Beginnings: Why Your Launch is Critical for Long-Term Brand Success

A recent psychological study proved what you experience in the beginning of any relationship has an impact on your overall feeling for a particular person. place or thing. So, what does that mean for your brand? Join us for a webinar that explores this topic.

How to Create Urgency

This very week, hour, or second, you could be missing out on an opportunity to create visibility and profitability for your company. You can get ahead of everyone else, provided that you move fast.


Learn how to be convincing. Even adopting one of these new convincing techniques can improve your relationships, your close rate, and your business dramatically.

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