Time, the “when” you need to insert your company in a trending conversation, share company news, react to a crisis or, better yet, prevent one, is the most important variable impacting a company’s success. Every brand has a culture of time. It’s the brands that can move fast that win.

As a change agent for brands, marketers, and communicators, When + How’s Fast Forward Method helps you streamline and accelerate your company’s reaction time, processes, and approvals – from the top down backed by the latest research in behavioral science.

We can train you and your team to respond to a crisis or opportunity in 24 hours or less. With our help, you will know:

  • When to act so you get real results from your real-time efforts using basic human behavior patterns;
  • How to reduce internal anxiety and inertia during a crisis and use fear to your advantage;
  • When to be strategically first and when to be intentionally slow;
  • How to streamline administrative and approval processes that slow down your company’s reaction time;
  • When your customers and prospects want to hear from you – and when they don’t; and
  • How to get your team to move more swiftly and respond to a crisis or opportunity in under an hour.

Most companies are focused on past success. Understanding your culture of now and speeding up processes can be the difference between scaling up and stagnating. What are you waiting for?

The “What” behind When + How

The Fast Forward Method includes a list of services that are best deployed in chronological order. (It’s about timing, remember?).


Every company has its own internal speed bumps. Even the best managers can be overly cautious or too mired in the details to take advantage of fast-moving opportunities.

Unfortunately, not taking a risk is often a risk in itself. We can demonstrate that and convince your team it’s time for a speed makeover.

We use tools and techniques from behavioral science and decades or research. This process includes understanding inertia, cultural norms and rituals that could be holding your team back from peak performance.


We work with companies to help apply a deep understanding of the forces that shape behavior to drive growth and better communication.

Once we consult with companies in a crisis, they became more open to ideas and discussion. The crisis encourages innovative thinking. And they are allowed time to reflect and learn on what went right and what went wrong.

This window of opportunity doesn’t last long, but if used correctly can make long-term change in any organizations.


When + How can tell you how fast you are – and how much faster you need to be competitive. We help you set industry standards and benchmarking for best practices, language, approach, and response.

We show you how to speed up executive team and (even legal buy-in) and provide templates and work charts to streamline your processes. Learn how to avoid “dark patterns” and apply behavioral principles for real-world change.


We have created a proprietary online video simulation depicting four different crisis or opportunity scenarios. The training is designed to hone your team’s strategic skills, refine their judgment, and improve their reaction time.  We tap experts in sociology, psychology and neuroscience to give you a unique and academic experience that is tied to business outcomes.

Think Harvard Business Review-level case studies in real-time with well respected academics, while being guided by world-class communication experts.


Read the case study


Read the case study

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