What if YOU could be one of the leaders who sees around corners, starts an industry trendand innovated when everyone else was freaking out?

Many executives think everyone is going through the same crisis (pandemic resulting inlagging profits). We’ll survive. If I just keep my head down this too shall pass.

As the COVID vaccine is distributed, the economy will be ready to rebound, and the pent-up opportunity for businesses will be positively explosive!

Here’s the good news for you.

At When and How, we know a thing or two about how to use a moment for momentum. And we can get your company up to speed in no time, while your competitors are still hibernating.

The “What” behind When + How

Now is your opportunity to see your way out of the current crisis, grow your business, and reap the rewards. Working with us is the quickest way to repair damage to your brand, build trust in the market place, enhance your reputation, and boost your ROI.

Maximize ROI

Multiply your ROI by as much as 20x by taking advantage of when your brand is most relevant. Increase customer loyalty, find hidden revenue, and gain new customers.

Quickly Prevail in a Crisis

Using an approach rooted in neuroscience, psychology and social science, we help clients solve the most complex business challenges quickly and effectively, so you can get back to business.


Refine your Negotiation and Convincing Skills

Drawing from techniques from the FBI hostage negotiation and corporate fixers playbook, you will develop the powers of perception and persuasion you need to sell that big idea, close that deal, and generally get your way. (And who doesn’t want that?)



Our training combines FBI stealth, business strategy, and leadership know-how to enhance your company’s success and reputation. You’ll get a chance to step into the shoes of an executive in a high-stress situation, confront ethical dilemmas and hear from industry experts in a wide range of fields.

And as part of a powerful training, you will have the opportunity to assess and fine-tune your own leadership style. The Convince Me™ App is coming soon.


Read the case study


Read the case study

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Learn how we empower communicators just like you to generate results they've always wanted through the science of timing. Your time is now.