You worry about your company’s office security, cyber security and financial security. But what about your “crisis security”? True, there are plenty of crisis management specialists who can help your company weather a crisis, with varying degrees of success, but all that clean up work happens after the fact.

When the DC Bar, which is comprised of the second largest group of attorneys in the United States, had a crisis — they turned to us. When first responders like the Emergency Nurses Association and the International Association of Fire Fighters need a real-time response — they called us. When ASAE needed to convince other association executives to take a risk — they called  us.

And it isn’t just associations who trust us: Lockheed Martin, DuPont, Bozzuto Group and many other successful companies use us to help them weather the storm.

The question is who will you trust?

At When + How, we take a behavioral approach to crisis management. We use a brain trust of behavioral experts in sociology, psychology, neuroscience, adult learning and economics so we fix your crisis issues for good.

We offer the following services to help you anticipate, prepare for, and even avoid crises, and other tough situations:

Crisis Readiness

  • Risk analysis to evaluate and prioritize potential threats to your company, both internally and externally
  • Crisis training for your company via video scenarios that use real-world case studies and tap experts for advice
  • Interactive crisis simulation
  • Assessment of your company’s reaction time and ability to respond internally
  • Pressure testing your brand’s ability to rebound
  • Risk analysis to evaluate and prioritize potential threats to your company, both internally and externally

Post Crisis

  • Unlimited and immediate 24/7 crisis consultation, including counseling and communications management to minimize damage to your reputation
  • Services for any and all crisis situations
  • Consumer relevancy mapping – analysis of the consumer response to your crisis based on six principles of social psychology
  • Uncertainty mapping using behavioral science
  • Analysis to get to the heart of the internal and external fear

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