Lets get real about listening: it’s not as easy as plopping a well-caffeinated intern in front of your Twitter feed.

Just as speed is a science, Forensic Listening is an art.

We can give you the tools and techniques used in the FBI for hostage negotiations and apply it directly to your business. You will create a deeper bond and rapport than your competitors. Your messages will be full of empathy. And, you will create real revenue for your brand.

Forensic Listening + Empathy means dialing into the other person’s concerns by listening closely. You can do this by repeating the last three words someone says, paraphrasing their concerns into your own words, summarizing what they’ve shared, and asking open-ended questions. Then, combine this deep listening with empathy – show that you seek to understand what they’re feeling without any judgment whatsoever.

Now, add this approach to a business context and you can assess what customers needs are and how to market and sell to them more effectively.

Tools and training for success

Forensic Listening

Forensic Listening is process of dialing into another person’s “unstated narrative,” which is the tape running in someone’s head about how they want the world to perceive them. Some techniques include “emotional labeling,” “three magic words” and “I messages.” This form of listening plus empathy makes customers more likely to open up and provide key business insights that are costly and hard to reveal.

Creating Situation Rooms

We advise companies to set up situation rooms to handle crises, which include real-life video scenarios where you hear from a variety of experts on what to do next in a crisis. Who you choose to listen to in a crisis will reveal how you handle pressure. This will give us a roadmap to help bring out your best qualities in a crisis and identify your “crisis personality.”


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Read the case study

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