Lets get real about real-time listening: it’s not as easy as plopping a well-caffeinated intern in front of your Twitter feed. Just as speed is a science, social media is an art. We can help your organization get set up for relevant, 24-hour real-time listening so you can identify business opportunities, head off potential crises, and insert your brand into the right conversations – all in real time.

Tools and training for social media success

Although several brands of real-time listening software are currently on the market, the software we recommend is exceptionally effective, customizable, and user-friendly. We can help you get set up for:


We offer When + How’s listening software to help you pay attention in real time to what’s happening and what’s relevant to your brand. The software can be programmed to focus on select topics, industries, and influencers.

Creating Situation Rooms and Branded Studios

We advise companies that use our listening software on what they need to set up a branded newsroom with the predictive analytics, AI, and processes to respond in real-time, in-house. We also provide hands-on training to use the software and operate the newsroom.

The perfect dashboard for your real-time newsroom
In the era of speed, you need an enterprise-class user-friendly aggregation platform with a dashboard you can read at a glance. Designed specifically for business users, BrandNews is the only tool you need to turn your conference room into a bona-fide newsroom:

Real-time monitoring

BrandNews’ flexible architecture connects to your existing data sources and lets you easily add new sources over time, including external sources and internal proprietary data.

Unified view

See business and market news, data, business performance-related metrics, content management, analysis and video together, on a single dashboard. Show performance across multiple departments.

Custom tracking

Easily customizable at-a-glance comparisons of the brands, products, and thought leaders relevant to your business

No blind spots

Know where you stand with your performance indicators. BrandNews is always on and updates in real-time

Best-in class technology

Best-of-breed 3rd party tools, proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

When + How will train you and your team to use BrandNews and set up processes so that everyone in your organization can have a say. With your real-time data all in one place, your marketing team has the information they need to move fast. How fast? We can train you and your team to respond within 59 minutes – or less.


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Read the case study

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