COVID-19 Disruptor: The New Normal for Event and Meeting Planners

Attn: Meeting Planners, Conference Organizers and anyone in the Events industry

Has the Coronavirus panic thrown your entire schedule or business off track?

Are you wondering what the best message to send out to your attendees, vendors, speakers, sponsors and everyone else involved is?

Do you feel lost in the middle of it all and unsure about what to do next?

Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chip Massey and Crisis Communications Expert Adele Cehrs and Adult Learning Expert Jeff Hurt are all here to help.

We’re committed to hosting a free Ask Me Anything 60-minute Go To Meeting call EVERY Tuesday at 1pm EDT to give you the answers you need to navigate this hectic situation for the next six weeks.

We want to give you the very communications skills we use to handle the worst emergencies – because there’s never been a more important time to have them.

In this webinar we’ll answer any questions you have about:

*How to communicate about your event from a crisis communications expert

*The best way to react and respond to new developments without creating panic from a former FBI hostage negotiator

*Key education strategies to take your event from face-to-face to online with adult learning expert Jeff Hurt

*How to restore and retain a great relationship with attendees and others…and much more.

We’ve built our entire careers around helping people manage and respond to crises in the best way possible – and we want to help you do the same.

Don’t let the Coronavirus panic do more damage than it needs to – let us help you handle this situation like a seasoned pro so that you come out on top.

This webinar will be available soon.