How to Convince People in a Crisis

**Calling all organization leaders, managers and decision-makers**

Has the current situation put your company in ‘crisis mode’?

Have you found yourself suddenly forced to make tough decisions on how to navigate the next few months?

Do you want to avoid making bad decisions (or stop the people around you from making them) during this crucial time?

Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chip Massey and Crisis Communications Expert, Author and Wall Street Journal Contributor Adele Cehrs are here to help.

Join us for an info-packed 60 minutes as we pull back the curtain on powerful psychological principles (and step-by-step techniques) that YOU can use to talk people into and out of any business decision. 

In this webinar you’ll discover: 

*Little-known psychological nudges that push people to the right decisions in a panic

*Understanding how people’s “Unstated Narrative” can make or break your conversations

*How fear can be used as the most powerful persuasive tool in your arsenal

*Social psychology based pre-sets and reset strategies (with research-backed approaches used in real-life business scenarios)

*How to use ‘Mental Tripwires’ to avoid setting off alarmist decision making

*How to use delaying tactics to get to a more analytical state of mind (and keep the upper hand in any high-pressure conversation)

*How to know if you are being convinced or conned, and more…

Let us help your organization move forward so that you come out the other end of this unscathed (and stronger than ever).

This webinar will be available soon.