When + How is an agent for change for brands, marketers, and communicators. We can streamline and accelerate your reaction time, processes, and approvals from the top down and grab the opportunities for relevance that whizz by every day. We can teach you to push out timely, relevant content in under an hour.

Time, the “when” you need to insert your company in a trending conversation, share company news, react to a crisis or, better yet, prevent one, is the most important variable in real-time marketing.

When + How can help you and your company maximize opportunities and minimize crises – in real time.

You’ll learn:

  • When to act so you get real results from your real-time efforts;
  • How to reduce internal anxiety during a crisis;
  • When to be strategically first and when to be intentionally slow;
  • How to streamline administrative and approval processes that slow down your company’s reaction time;
  • When your customers and prospects want to hear from you and when they don’t; and
  • How to get your team to move more swiftly and respond to a crisis or opportunity in under an hour.


It’s a tough, but exciting time to be a leader. Not every brand can court controversy, but leadership with a conscience have generated impressive ROI for brands like (the very relevant) Infectious Disease Society of America, ASAE, Patagonia or Ben & Jerry’s. WHEN + HOW can help you weigh the pros and cons of taking a position and time your communications perfectly. The result will be marketing campaigns and ideas you can be proud of.

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