When + How is a one-of-a-kind crisis management consultancy run by crisis communications maven Adele Cehrs and former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey.

As a business consultant, Chip’s ability to read people, de-escalate upset customers and convince anyone of nearly anything is a world-class skill-set in high-demand.

Adele Cehrs’ brings proven business-know-how and decades of experience advising major players from C-suite executives at Dupont, Lockheed Martin, and Facebook to President Joe Biden.

To put it simply, we are more than just change experts. We’re change agents who work with CEOs and their management teams to:

*Anticipate and navigate change to boost your bottom line

*Generate impact and buzz for your company

*Play smart defense in a crisis for maximum ROI

*Enhance your company’s relevance and revenue through strategic “newsjacking”

*Build dynamic, resilient teams, who can beat the competition

When and How’s proven, repeatable methodology is based on behavioral science. We help you and your business thrive in the face of challenges. We make your team ready for anything.

And that’s good for you, your business, and your bottom-line.

How to Convince People in a Crisis

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How to Read People Like an FBI Hostage Negotiator

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Secrets to Being More Convincing Revealed

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